Secretary future career guess: He will do anything the industry has talent

Liu, deputy secretary of the topic so interesting, but also because Liu Xiang's career prospects are concerned. Yao Ming retirement, youth football jerseys multiple identities, and Liu Xiang will be what identity? Reporters also interviewed yesterday, the Shanghai Sports Bureau Li Yuyi, he explained to Liu Xiang "officer" of the mind, and said he believed "Liu Xiang can not only track and field glory, but also in other brilliant career."

Mr Lee said the deputy secretary to Liu Xiang do not make him an officer based on these so-called "vision." "This has always been the glorious tradition of the Communist Youth League." He said, "We are not envisaged, but only to return to this position inside the Communist Youth League campaign to their sports system is the best talent, naturally cadres should be our mission, our future the cause of the motherland and the Party's cause will be successors, this should be a good tradition, is a good thing. "

The future of Liu Xiang, he is very optimistic: "We will not arrange to Liu Xiang what any one person is a step by step, no one is difficult to predict, I believe, Liu Xiang, tomorrow, not only in track and field glory, but also in other brilliant career. who can take the World Championships, Olympic champion, are gifted, as long as his own treasure, love the people around him, he will be in a more brilliant future career. "

Reporters also learned that, although not specifically identified in the future to do anything, but the general direction of Liu Xiang, a few career prospects have. Liu Xiang, a member of the team told reporters: "He will not do business, now tend to enter the sports organizations, use their influence to do something for the Chinese sports -
nfl jerseys sales certainly sports-related."

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2 block, which is Nani's hand in the game today, almost perfect data

Glass Woodgate have killed people back, after the termination by Spurs, Stoke City 0 Price joined the former Real Madrid seems to radiate a second spring-back, game 5, and 3 successful rescue successful tackles, Jonathan Woodgate with a superb defensive again and again to resolve a charge of Manchester United.

H-shaking artillery shells into a last round after Nani said as the world, so that opponents nfl cheap jerseys fear is their dream of a player, the game Nani Manchester United once again breaking into a stiff note of the ball, lost Wayne Rooney and the case of small peas, Portuguese Manchester United's attack single-handedly propped up the banner: 3 shots, 1 shot is harvest goals, 2 times a threat passing, 3 pass, 3 tackles , 2 block, which is Nani's hand in the game today, almost perfect data.

Known as "Kenyans" Ramirez finally completely adapted to the Premier League, round two game total goals helped fire Chelsea to heavy defeat from the shadow of Manchester United came out, a serious state of decline in Frank Lampard, gradually out the case of the starting NFL Wholesale Jerseys lineup, Ramirez turned out to help solve the biggest problem Boa Si.

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Liu Yuming thousand words curse "black whistle"

Around the six topics, the youth football jerseys delegates speak their minds, they have been carefully prepared in advance. Shenhua team leader Guo Guangqi am the first to speak, and Changchun Yatai chairman Liu Yuming's speech was the longest, is the largest response. Liu Yuming prepared speeches more than ten thousand words, but he did not scripted speech, but unscripted talk directly about the problem.

Liu Yuming first to denounce "black whistle", he thought the referee Super low level of law enforcement, a serious impediment to the league level and normal development. Then he also talked about golf and football question: "so many parts of China to build golf courses, a golf course accounts for the area of 65 hectares to 100 hectares, the construction of at least 10 football pitches! To make China more children play, should first be to build more soccer! "

Meeting requirements, each representative can have up to 20 minutes speaking time, Liu Yuming a person speaking for nearly 90 minutes. His words caused a big stir and resonance, the super boss Sun Guoyu then speak, for the fight against the attitude of solidarity with black whistle, he points directly to the referee Manning's name, that he does not have law enforcement Super qualifications. During the lunch break, many CEOs have expressed gratitude to Liu Yuming. First, thank Yatai end Hengda's unbeaten, second, to thank all the clubs he has given voice.

Because Liu Yuming take up more time, throughout the morning club of only six representatives. Song Weiping Xu and two senior investors speeches. Xu made ??as soon as possible so that the CCTV broadcast the Super, Song Weiping then asked the relevant authorities as soon as possible to the Super League qualitative issues, namely whether it is part of Super League or the public good profit business? Because of different nfl jersey wholesale qualitative and determine the Super League a different direction.

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FA Cup is very important not afraid of any opponent can not draw

Chinese FA Cup 2011 season, 1 / 4 finals, Tianjin Teda and knockout against Shanxi Teda Stadium in a pre-race Caichang training.According to the schedule, to participate in AFC Champions League this season, BIG4 are directly into the FA Cup fourth round of the playoffs. In other words, the current round of Tianjin Teda beat opponents just as well as Shaanxi and Shanghai Shenhua, and the winner of Yan'an long white tiger can be reached the FA Cup final. As a result, team up as long as three NFL Football Jerseys games will have an opportunity to clinch the FA Cup. For the team's prospects in the tournament, Haan performance was quite confident: "I think we won the FA Cup's future is optimistic, because our team is able to overcome any team, it does not afraid of any opponent. "Haan also admitted the importance of the FA Cup the team is equivalent to the league:" FA Cup is certainly very important, because the FA Cup champions will get a direct AFC Champions League next season of eligibility, This is one area, while the other hand is concerned, since the choice of playing race, every people must have wanted to be the highest ranking, it is beyond doubt. "
And in this season's two meetings with the Shaanxi, Tianjin Teda 2-2 at home respectively, 1:1 away draw with each other and want to break this "balance", Haan seems to be to make some changes. "We have a lot of competition now, so tomorrow's game we care about is to be careful of some, but in any case can not be a draw tomorrow, there will be the outcome." Shaanxi team compared several main holiday, 3 days ago just to fight all the main teams in the league of TEDA, I am afraid we must first Johnson fitness of a chip, such a situation Haan apparently have heard: "I heard there are several other players in front of the race has been the opportunity to adjust the rest. About our team will not be affected physically, I remember them well in the league last year, when the league began, was asked this question, but in my opinion, each player twice-game, like Wednesday Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday so that the frequency of the competition, physical fitness
Cheap NFL Jerseys should be no problem and I very much like the time when the players two games a week the situation. "

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Each season there will be new challenges, young people dragging you forward in training

Speaking of the Champions League goal, Ryan Giggs Wholesale NFL Jersey same number of records in the body. From the debut in the Champions League since the 1996-97 season, Giggs has been in 11 consecutive matches in the Champions League last season broke the record just behind the legendary Raul's Champions League goals in 14 consecutive seasons. Participated in a total of 17 Giggs Champions League season, his 16 seasons in which there are gains, not only to score the 07-08 season, which is like a monument-style success.

At the same time, today's Champions League goal but also to get Ryan Giggs refreshed after his Champions League goal by keeping the oldest record. April of this year, Ryan Giggs was in the game against Schalke 04 in the knockout Inzaghi broke the record, created 37 years and 148 days of the most senior scoring record. Five months later, 37 years and 289 days of Manchester United once again this living fossil record refresh! Ryan Giggs on the current competitive state in terms of this season, he will most want to continue to maintain a constantly updated record of this by themselves.

Refresh themselves for the record, Ryan Giggs in the post-match interview talking about Manchester United's official website: "I think I was enjoying it each season, there will be new challenges, young people in training dragging you forward, sometimes when you feel physically tired or slow, they will take you forward ... You always want to maintain their competitive status, although I have changed the rhythm, I have no personal NFL Jerseys Youth goals, if I come to these milestones , which is good, but I do not set goals for himself now, every moment, every week, every season for me is an added bonus. "

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Gasol said the ankle injury without problems, poised to battle Nowitzki truce

European Championship group stage the last day of competition, the Spanish headed star - Paul Gasol missed the NFL Football Jerseys game because of injury, less Gasol of Spain and Turkey in the last section of the game only had two points, which allow them to 57 - 65 lost the game. But Gasol said of his ankle injury is not an issue has been a tough battle for the preparation of the next.

In the second round of the game, where the group in France, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, Lithuania and Germany, this group can be described as teams gathered, including almost all of this European Championship teams, and Pau Gasol in the second round game showdown with Nowitzki. Gasol in the last game against Lithuania, when an ankle injury, but the injury is not too serious, prudent, and let him rest to prepare the next game, the Spanish coach decided to let him a truce.

"I'm fine, that is a little ankle pain, but I have to prepare for Wednesday's game, and thank you for the support and relationships." Gasol said in the personal micro blog of his personal situation. Less Gasol of Spain, the last one only had two points, with a wave of Turkish attacks 16-0 climax reversed the situation of the war, got the victory.

"We have not from yesterday's game against Lithuania to recover, both mentally and physically did not recover," Spain coach Sergio - Si Kali Oro said, "we have not found the right match rhythm. "

However, Turkey does not think so, they think of Spain in the final section scores will be limited to 2 points, the most important self-defense or to do very well. "Finally a nfl kids jerseys game just let Spain get 2 points, which means our defense is very great."

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Muric broke teenager a shot of a pass, R & F Hengda 4-0 win

Interim period in the league in the Tianhe Sports replica jerseys Center, Guangzhou Hengda for a friendly match, the result in a 4-0 victory over third-ranked team of the city, Guangzhou R & F. In order to exercise this new-based game, teenager Gao Zhilin showing color, one shot a pass to help the team complete the victory.

Current lead is far better than rivals super strength of Hengda, Zhang Lin and Cleo injury of starting, which continue to maintain their own high score rate, provided assistance in the first 37 minutes go past the hole cards of the forward pass opened the scoring goalkeeper . Gao Zhilin before halftime score seize the opportunity to expand single-handedly. Easy side in less than 10 minutes, Gao Zhilin assists Muric scored one goal, three-goal lead in the 87th minute of Hengda by the Yang Yihu pole broke, locking victory.

League resumption of fighting this weekend, from 10 to 28 to 19 days, Hengda will usher in five hard-fought, opponents are Shandong Luneng, Shanghai Shenhua (off), Changchun Yatai (off), NFL Jerseys Kids and Shaanxi Tianjin Teda and.

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